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Projection on streched cloth as screen
Projection on a streched cloth

Projection on a wall as a screen
Projection on a wall
Can you simply arrive at a venue, set up the projector, aim it and turn it on?

Of course you can! But…

The result will be anything from a visible but distorted image, to a bright but discoloured picture to “Is that projector even on?!” or anything in between.

As important as the right projector, is the right surface for it to project onto.

You can project onto just about any surface like a wall, a cloth or anything that will act like a screen.

The image you get will be affected by the colour and tension of the surface.

For a professional result it is best to use projection screens manufactured specifically for this purpose.

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Projector and screen for corporate event
Framed projection screen for corporate event
Types of projection screens:
Use of projectors and projection possibilities are almost endless - from boardroom meetings to large events for thousands of people!

Stretch screen with a steel or aluminium frame:
These screens are light, portable and relatively easy to set up.
The projection screen is frame-mounted and can either be free-standing (on adjustable legs neatly covered with a black pleated skirt) or can be hung from the roof or from a trussing structure.

C&S offers three sizes of these projection screens all with a 4:3 ratio:
  • 8’ x 6’ (2.4m x 1.8m) 
  • 10’ x 7.5’ (3m x 2.3m) 
  • 12’ x 9’ (3.7m x 2.7m)
Trussing screens for large event
Side trussing screens for a large indoor concert

Trussing screens
A frame is built with trussing and the screen surface is attached to the frame with bungi cords that stretches the screen and keeps it taut and flat.

The screen is then hung at the right level using electric hoists.

Three sizes of trussing screens are available from C&S:
  • 6m x 3.3m (16:9 ratio)
  • 6m x 4.5m (4:3 ratio)
  • 8m x 4.5m (16:9 ratio)

Front projection on screen for dance experience
Projection on screen from the front
Projection screen surfaces:

Front projection screen surface
This is a matt-white shaded projection screen surface used for projecting onto the screen with the projector on the same side as the audience.

The projector is set up on a table or stand or hung from the roof in front of the projection screen.

A front projection screen can be set up right against a wall and is a great solution when floor space is limited.

This would suit boardroom presentations or small conference venues, break-away and meeting rooms for larger conferences as well as training venues and churches and wedding receptions or restaurant functions.

Rear projection on screen
Projection on a screen from the rear

Rear projection screen surface
This surface actually lets light through the screen fabric to show the image.

The projector is set up behind the screen, unseen by the audience in front of the screen.

Although more space is needed behind the screen to use a rear projection screen, the projector and cables are hidden from view making it look very neat and professional.

When choosing a projection screen three things must be considered:
size, quality and aesthetics.

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